Patriot Hall & Bunker Bar

When the band started out 10 years ago one of the very first places we played was the Veterans Club in Brea.  Over the last 10 years a lot has happened!  The Veteran’s Club closed and it has been taken over by new young owners and remodeled.  The bar is really cool and they’ve asked us to help them as they get started.  The new owner heard through the “grapevine” that The FlipOut Band brings a big crowd.  We hope that you will come to this gig and support the band and this new little club.  After all, they gave us chance a long time ago!  The date is February 11 and the band starts at 7:30 pm.

Here’s some fan art by friend of the band, Scott Ivens…

Here’s a video from a recent show!

FlipOut On YouTube!

FlipOut is on YouTube!

A short time ago, we did some recording at RipMorhan’s Third Garden Studio with renowned producer, Dennis Weinreich. Dennis has worked with many music greats such as Queen, Jeff Beck and Supertramp. You can check out a few of his many credits at Discogs.

We were very lucky to have a chance to work with Dennis and I have to tell you that we’re very happy with the result!

Check out our Downloadable Music here!

In the afternoon of the recording session, we invited family members to provide an audience because we really love performing live and the show was recorded on video by Rip Morgan, the creative genius behind Third Garden. He and his crew did an awesome job recording video of the event.

Watch the FlipOut Videos Here!

Thanks for being such great fans!


Party Time!

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